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  • Helium : Become a Dealer....Dealership program by Planete Balloon !
    May be you are already a Member of Planete Balloon Network - or - you have heard about us. You are Professional in Ballooning - Planete Balloon - Tourism Consulting - intervenes at the request of Governments or Investors for install and launch - Hot air balloon & Tethered balloon Worldwide Planete Balloon launches a Dealership program nea
  • Helium : Afrique Terre d'Envol ? par Planete Balloon.
    L'Afrique connait depuis déjà quelques années un boom économique qui ont attires les convoitises des grandes puissances - la Chine, l'Inde... notamment Afrique, Terre d'Envol? Une re-distribution des cartes est en train de s’opérer avec un détachement progressif de l'Afrique envers ses anciennes tutelles Européennes pour se tourn
  • Helium : PLANETE BALLOON launches a new concept of Golf Course
    Discover a new concept for promote Golfs and make the event....FLY OVER THE GREEN Offer to your Guests an Amazing view and to your Sponsors a spectacular tool of communication. Contact Planete Balloon for more information. Best Regards [caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="150" capti
  • Helium : PLANETE BALLOON, exporte le Made in France !
    PLANETE BALLOON®, Launches a New Concept of Amusement Park in Thailand! Planete Balloon, representing in Asia the worldwide leader of captive balloons, recently achieved its installation of a unique aerostatic balloon and park in Hua Hin for its first client in Thailand. Launched in March 2013, the stationary balloon will let visitors soar 100 m
    Planete Balloon, from France to the 5 Continents ! An exemplary embodiment of project Planete Balloon! design at the opening of the park the project will have require 5 months, a lot of work but the satisfaction of work accomplished for our partner ! PLANETE BALLOON CONSULTANT & WORKER Contact us for your next project ! JC BRASSART